Understanding Incontinence

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End The Embarrassment Once and For All

Understanding Incontinence
by G. Fairweather

The phone rings. You check your caller ID and see the incoming call is from your sister. Glancing at the calendar next to the phone, you see the upcoming Saturday is circled in red. You know it\\\\\\s your sister\\\\\\s birthday. And, you know she is calling to invite you to a birthday celebration.

As the phone continues to ring, one small tear escapes and rolls down your cheek. You won\\\\\\t take the call nor will you return it. You just add that family celebration to the growing list of events that you will have to avoid.

Your social life has disintegrated to what\\\\\\s on the television and takeout from a fast food restaurant.

At your workplace, you avoid making friends with co-workers because that might have put you at risk of a relationship that you can\\\\\\t participate in.

If this describes you, understand that you deserve better and it doesn\\\\\\t have to be that way. No longer do you need to be a slave to this condition. You can live a happy, productive life. You just need to. . .

Take back control

Urinary incontinence need not control your life. First, you need to grasp an understanding of how the urinary tract works and an understanding of why you are unable to control passage, either in small leakages or larger amounts.

The process should be simple, but when these involuntary leakages happen it can be due from any number of factors. Incontinence is not necessarily due to old age or childbearing.

The problem does not just affect the elderly, but youngsters as well, men and women alike. It can be temporary or chronic. It may be due to surgery, nervous disorders, disease or a myriad variety of other causes.

Unfortunately, embarrassment prevents many people from getting the help they need.

Where to begin

Your first step is to determine what type of incontinence you experience.

Understanding Incontinence is the first step toward ridding yourself of this condition once and for all. Learn:

The physiology of the urinary system

How your urinary system works

The function of your kidneys

The difference types of kidney stones

Available treatments

Common causes of incontinence

Incontinence, childbirth and related myths revealed
Hygiene and personal care

Kegel exercises

Natural healing options

Diet and lifestyle changes

Bedwetting and incontinence in children

Useful tips for everyday survival

It\\\\\\s time to educate yourself. Discover how your urinary system should work. Determine what type of incontinence you are experiencing. Stop worrying about the effects and take the first step toward handling this problem once and for all.

Understanding Incontinence is the first step. Get the answers you need today so you can begin the road to recovery tomorrow!

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